Wild Namibia Road Trip

The black rhino lapping at the damp ground in front of us seemed unperturbed by the unmistakable low growl of a lion behind us. Cue the wow moment. It's an exciting event to see a rhino or a lion on their own, but here they were, together, at a waterhole. And this was just on … Continue reading Wild Namibia Road Trip

Beautiful Botswana

Botswana can be unforgiving. The heat weighs on you midday like a thick blanket you can't crawl out of. Your skin becomes dry and scaly with faint lines mimicking the veins of the Okavango Delta, with its sprawling channels evaporating into the Kalahari Desert. Grocery stores run out of water, which you feel you can … Continue reading Beautiful Botswana

Tanzania & Malawi – From the Serengeti to Lake Malawi

If you have ever heard anything about Tanzania or even Africa in general, you've probably heard about the iconic Serengeti in Tanzania. The venue of countless nature documentaries and the subject of a very famous song about rain in Africa, the Serengeti is synonymous with African safari. By contrast, you've probably heard relatively little about … Continue reading Tanzania & Malawi – From the Serengeti to Lake Malawi