Cuverville Island, Antarctica

Itinerary: Day 1: Depart from Ushuaia, Argentina Day 2: Crossing the Drake Passage Day 3: Barrientos Island Day 4: Half Moon Island & Whaler's Bay Day 5: Enterprise Island, Wilhelmina Bay and Cuverville Island Day 6: Lemaire Channel, Peterman Island and Pleneau Island Day 7: Paradise Bay/Almirante Brown and Neko Harbor Day 8: Crossing the … Continue reading Cuverville Island, Antarctica

Introduction to Penguins

Introduction to penguins! We saw three main types of penguins in Antarctica- gentoos, identifiable by the triangular white patch by their eyes; chinstraps, identifiable by the lines around their chins; and adelies, which are smaller, plain black and white penguins. All very cute!