Chefchaouen, Morocco

Throwback to our first trip around the world in 2014 in Chefchaouen, Morocco in Africa. Everything in the city is painted blue as they believe it helps fight mosquitoes. It’s beautiful, and a lovely city. #travel #wanderlust #adventure #tranquility #beauty #earthporn #earth #nature #morocco #africa #blue (at Chefchaouen The Blue Pearl شفشاون الجوهرة الزرقاء)


Uganda Be Kidding Me

Irreverent and lacking cultural sensitivity, Chelsea Handler does not disappoint in her take on a travelogue, documenting her ridiculous stories from various global travels. She is hilarious and inappropriate and not for the uptight. I love her and would recommend any of her books to nearly anyone!

The Spider’s House

Paul Bowles is generally a recommended author for those traveling to Morocco. “The Spider’s House,” however, was painfully dry for me. Originally written in French, the translation in this particular edition was difficult to follow and the story itself not very gripping. I never finished this book and wouldn’t recommend it.