Indian silk scarves

Off-the-Beaten-Path Golden Triangle India Itinerary

Do the Golden Triangle differently with this India itinerary One of the most popular itinerary routes for first-time visitors to India is the classic Golden Triangle. It's a great start to exploring India and visitors can fit in highlights like the Taj Mahal on a relatively short trip. This popular route is packed with tourists … Continue reading Off-the-Beaten-Path Golden Triangle India Itinerary


Beautiful Botswana

Botswana can be unforgiving. The heat weighs on you midday like a thick blanket you can't crawl out of. Your skin becomes dry and scaly with faint lines mimicking the veins of the Okavango Delta, with its sprawling channels evaporating into the Kalahari Desert. Grocery stores run out of water, which you feel you can … Continue reading Beautiful Botswana