Lake Titicaca – 2 Countries, 1 Lake

I don't remember the exact words Tim and I were yelling at each other, as we scrambled through farming terraces in a frantic dash to try to make our boat. But, I do know we weren't being nice. We were in an all-out stress-fight. It was one of those fights where the problem actually had … Continue reading Lake Titicaca – 2 Countries, 1 Lake

Santiago, Chile

Santiago, Chile! 1. The view of San Cristobal from our apartment. 2. Meeting up with Becky and Diane. 3. Street in Valparaiso. 4. Virgin Mary statue overlooking the city. 5. The quaint church at the top of San Cristobal. 6. “Earthquakes”. 7. Me and Becky in front of a painted graffiti art frame in Santiago