Singapore, We’ll Be Back for More!

I’ll admit I knew very little about Singapore when Tim and I arrived. I didn’t know what to expect, but the hours spent in immigration during our bus ride from Kuala Lumpur into Singapore was not a promising start. Thankfully, this was the only less than wonderful thing we experienced is this little city-state.


  • Day 1: Arrive and check into hotel
  • Day 2: Explore Little India and Singapore Botanic Gardens
  • Day 3: Visit the National Museum of Singapore and Gardens by the Bay
  • Day 4: Depart

Dates: May 16-19, 2018

Our Odyssey:

Having decided to come to Singapore a day earlier than planned, we now had three nights instead of two. We know now that this still isn’t enough time!

Singapore Architecture

Beautiful Architecture in SingaporeTim redeemed Hilton rewards points for us to stay at the Hilton Garden Inn in the heart of Little India. Right away we were in love. The air smelled like incense and spices, and the neighborhood bustled with temple-goers, markets and restaurants. We went to a well-rated food stand for chapati and meat sauces, followed by a mango lassi. It was all utterly delicious.

Downtown Singapore Skyline

The view from our hotel

The next morning we enjoyed breakfast at the hotel and then ventured out to the Singapore Botanic Gardens. This is the world’s only such gardens with UNESCO World Heritage designation. Though the sky threatened to shower, the weather held long enough for us to see big lizards in the gardens, check out the famous orchids and explore the expansive grounds.

Orchids at the Singapore Botanical Gardens

Orchids at the Singapore Botanical Gardens

Flowers at the Singapore Botanical Gardens

Flowers at the Singapore Botanical Gardens

That night we went to an amazing little restaurant called Gurkha Palace. Everything we ordered was beyond delicious.

The next day we visited the National Museum of Singapore, which was simply magical. They had the usual exhibits on the country’s history. For example, did you know Singapore was a trading hub since the 14th century, or that it became a British colony in 1824 and was even occupied by the Japanese during WWII? Singapore didn’t gain its independence until 1965.

What made this museum really stand out, however, was the creative and beautiful Story of the Forest exhibit. Visitors literally step into a multimedia animated forest full of color and hypnotizing movements and music. We laid in this room for an hour just watching the display change all around us.

Story of the Forest Singapore

Story of the Forest

Story of the Forest exhibit at National Museum of Singapore

Story of the Forest exhibit at National Museum of Singapore

After we left the museum we walked to Singapore’s most iconic attraction – the Gardens by the Bay. Like many people, we’d seen pictures of the iconic metal trees but were shocked by just how massive the gardens are. The entire area is a hyper modern complex where hotels, restaurants and shops are embedded within expansive green space. We had an amazing time walking among the giants.

Marina Bay Sands and Gardens by the Bay

Marina Bay Sands and Gardens by the Bay

We also rode to the top of the futuristic Marina Bay Sands hotel, which is famous for its ridiculous infinity pool. We weren’t successful in sneaking into the pool, but we did get awesome aerial views over the giant tree structures.

Gardens by the Bay

Gardens by the Bay – somehow we got a shot all by ourselves!

For dinner that night we went back to Gurkha Palace, because when we find a place we love we can’t get enough of it. If you visit Singapore and love Indian food, I can’t recommend this place strongly enough. I’m yearning for it again just writing this.

Our time in Singapore was short but so very sweet. Everything about this city was comfortable, organized and frankly just thrilling to look at. The city uses space in such an incredible and modern way, incorporating greenery everywhere. We didn’t want to leave when we did, but new adventures awaited us in Indonesia!

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