Three Week Road Trip Itinerary in Tasmania

Hey there! This Tasmania Itinerary has moved to a new location. 


22 thoughts on “Three Week Road Trip Itinerary in Tasmania

  1. Chiera says:

    I’ve heard such amazing things about Tasmania while in Oz! It’s not the best weather to visit right now but hopefully I can nip down in October to check it out 🙂


  2. Chelsea says:

    I never thought of Tasmania before, to be honest. Thankful that I came across your post as I can now add it to my list! Looks like you guys did a lot 🙂


    • our21stcenturyodyssey says:

      Glad to hear that! It’s such a unique place. With three weeks we were able to really dive in to the island, but the first time we visited in 2014 was for a week. We were able to cover a lot then too since it’s a fairly small island and easy to drive around!


  3. Diana Chen says:

    Wow, the scenery in Tasmania is absolutely stunning. I’d love to spend some time hanging out with the fishmongers and seeing the blowhole as well! And all the little animals I’ve never seen before are so adorable – would be such a joy seeing them in person!


  4. Chloe says:

    I had to google Tasmania as I never heard of this Island. Google suggestion came up with Tasmania Devil. I was like, don’t know, don’t click….must be scary…then I saw your photo on this page. Haha.


  5. pinkcaddytraveloguegmailcom says:

    I had no idea that there were so many different types of landscapes and such in Tasmania! For such a small island, it’s definitely got a lot going, especially if you can spend 2 weeks there and still not see everything!


    • our21stcenturyodyssey says:

      It’s great hiking!! You’ll definitely be interested in the Cradle Mountain Summit Hike or the full Overland trek if you have more time!


    • our21stcenturyodyssey says:

      Yay!! Thanks for checking out my post. I bet after you see your friend’s pics you’ll be sold on a Tassie trip! 😉


  6. Ketki says:

    What a fantastic experience and Tasmania is seriously so gorgeous. It’s like Malta story repeating itself all over again. Your post is super informative.


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