Desert Oasis


  • Thursday: Fly to Albuquerque, New Mexico and drive to Ojo Caliente
  • Friday-Saturday: Relax and do nearly nothing
  • Sunday: Fly back

Dates: April 7-10, 2016

Our Odyssey:

Okay, so Ojo Caliente, New Mexico is not literally an oasis in the desert, but when it comes to sheer pleasure, this hot springs resort and spa certainly feels like a slice of heaven in the desert.

My best friend of 28 years (that’s right, my entire life) and I spent a weekend at the historic spot a few weeks ago, soaking in the hot springs that have been known to heal and relax since the puebla communities of the 1300s.

We rented a cottage on the property, which also has a hotel, restaurant, wine bar, and full spa onsite, as well as daily yoga classes, and stayed for 3 relaxing nights. With the wine bar closing at 10pm each night, we were more than happy to abide by the early bed time.

When not lounging at the springs or practicing yoga, we ventured off on the trails around the springs. One took us over the ruins of an ancient adobe puebla that, due to erosion and time, has more or less melted into the surrounding landscape. If it were not for the pottery shards on the ground, you’d hardly know you were walking on top of a long-gone community.

We also took a longer hike (about 5 miles roundtrip) to mica mines. It was unlike anything I’d seen before, and impossible to capture in photos – as you get near the mines, the ground just shimmers and glitters with all the mica in the soil. It was beautiful to see.

It was a fantastic weekend of relaxing, celebrating a beautiful friendship, and getting out in nature. Not to mention the foot massage and facial…

Tara next to a dry river bed on our hike to the puebla ruins. 

A small canyon along the trail. 

Giant cactus – as tall as Tara, no joke. 

Tara and I at the river

I love the diverse desert foliage! 

View on our hike to the mica mines. 

Mica mines hike. 

The trail to the mines

Desert soil

The mines. 

A bit of mica

Decorative chile ristra

Our last morning at the spa

Trucks in the parking lot


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