Ringstrasse Tram Tour


  • Day 1: Train to Vienna
  • Day 2: Depart!

RTW Trip 2014: Peru→ Chile → Argentina → Antarctica → Argentina → Uruguay → Argentina→  Chile→ England → Morocco → Spain → France → Belgium → Netherlands → Germany → Czech Republic → Austria → Hungary → Croatia → Italy → Thailand → United States → Thailand → Laos → Vietnam → Cambodia → Australia → Taiwan

Dates: July 1-2, 2014

Our Odyssey: 

We were only in Vienna, Austria for one night- we now know that is not nearly long enough! To make the most of our time we did three self-guided audio tours using Rick Steve’s (a famous travel writer’s) free audio guides.

This map is the route of our first tour which is done by riding the public transportation tram around the old city. It’s called the Ringstrasse- a road that encircles the city where the town walls used to be.

The city was first occupied 2,000 years ago by the Romans. After Rome fell in about 500 AD, the city was invaded many times, and around the year 800, Charlemagne made this the eastern part of his empire. In 1273, a noble family called the Habsburgs claimed Charlemagne’s title of Holy Roman Emperor. For the next six centuries, the Habsburgs would rule a vast and expanding empire until WWI, a war which begun when Austria declared war on Serbia when the Austrian archduke was assassinated.

This was a great orientation to the city, and along the way we stopped to view the Danube river and to check out the Rathaus, or town hall. This particular evening, there was a summer film festival going on, and in addition to amazing food and beer stands, the city had set up a giant outdoor movie screen. The atmosphere and people watching were awesome and we knew then that we loved Vienna.

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