Overview of San Francisco

                                                                                – written by Sarah

Thursday night when I landed in San Fran, I met up with my friend from college, Tracy, and stayed with her for the night. Tim flew in from his business travel in Seattle on Friday afternoon. Tracy and I got lunch in her neighborhood, Russian Hill, at a small café call Nook. I got a glass of sangria and a beet and goat cheese salad. It was delicious! She and I then spent an hour or so walking around before Tim got into the area and synced up with us. We explored Lombard St (the crookedest street in the United States), Ghirardelli Square, and the views of Alcatraz and the Golden Gate Bridge.

We then decided to walk back to Tracy’s place, where Tim had parked our rental car. This is when we discovered the first mishap of the day- because we rented a car with a push button alternator (a white Dodge Challenger), even though Tim had the car keys with him the whole afternoon, he’d apparently left the car idling on the street. Oops. Thankfully no one had hopped in and run off with it, so after grabbing my stuff from Tracy’s apartment, the three of us headed towards the Presidio and took a scenic drive through the park there.

We ended up at Baker Beach and decided to check out the shoreline. The three of us started walking down a long set of stairs built into the sand towards the beach. Tim was moving faster than Tracy and I were, and by the time we got down to the beach, he was standing there with a smirk on his face and said, nodding his head out towards our right, “So, that guy is naked… and so is that one.” Apparently Baker Beach is clothing optional. Not the least bit intimidated, but chilly from the wind, we kept our clothes on and walked along the shore for a bit. Eventually, we climbed back up towards the road and explored some old military bunkers that were built in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s in order to protect the port of San Francisco.

After a day of hiking up and down hills throughout the city and then the beach, we were pretty hungry. Tracy took us to this event at Fort Mason called Off The Grid- a large outdoor food truck festival complete with live music and cocktails that takes place every Friday night. Tracy’s boyfriend Stefan met us there and we all enjoyed empanadas, tempura peppers, Korean waffles filled with Korean spiced chicken and other goodness. And of course a few beers.

After our great meal, it was time for me and Tim to head over to his friend Seth’s apartment in Emeryville, where we were staying that night. When we got to his place, we stumbled into the second mishap of the day- the key that Seth had left on his door sill for us outside his apartment was no longer there. After attempting unsuccessfully to get a spare key from the property manager, Seth dropped me and Tim off at a neighborhood bar, Prizefighters, and drove out to a friend’s place, who had a spare key to his apartment. An hour later Seth met us at the bar and we stayed out playing cards and drinking beers for a bit. Once we got back to Seth’s apartment, he and Tim stayed up late prank calling mutual friends, while I headed to bed to rest up for our drive to Sonoma Valley the next morning.

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